Adding a New Chapter to a Solid Legacy

We are proud to share an exciting new chapter in our bank's history – our new brand. Over the next several months, you will start to see our new look come to life. It's a new face, but the same heart.

While our look is changing, our lionhearted commitment to our customers remains. Our new look signifies our fierce determination to get you what you need, when you need them.

At Ameris Bank, we're not here to get in the way—we're here to get things done, right.

We Are Lionhearted.

The lion is a symbol of strength and courage—pride and fierce determination. It is a representation of taking bold steps and diverging from the pack. Being different requires courage. Seeing past decades of tired banking norms for a better way takes determination. This badge is one that we wear with pride, as it signifies our relentless pursuit to get things done for our customers, even if it means scrapping convention.

Ameris has always stood for strength and courage, but it wasn't until we joined forces with Fidelity Bank in 2019 that the lion symbol became a central part of our brand. The lion is the perfect representation of who we have always been and who we will continue to be—a strong bank that isn't afraid to be bold to best serve our customers and communities.

What's Changing and When.

Over the next several months, you will start to see our new logo appear in online and mobile banking, on our branches and in our ads. In late October, our website and social media channels will update. While our appearance will change, your accounts, loans and all banking access will remain the same. One thing we’ll never change is our fierce commitment to you.

New Look Coming Soon
Adding a new chapter to a solid legacy.
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